The letter “I” has never been used more from our leaders that run this country.

There is no “I” in “WE THE PEOPLE”.

2 years ago, I started waking up at night disturbed by the things that are going on in this country...

Selfishness, greed, racism, corruption of federal, and state government agencies, as well as big corporations. I realize this is nothing new, but it has become more evident then I can ever remember. It has never bothered me to this degree in my life that I know of, worried about my children, family , and friends...

The letter “ I” has never been used more from our leaders that run this country. There is no “I” in “WE THE PEOPLE”.

This does not represent the American people. This is supposed to be a nation of freedom and unity, not division and hatred among men.

However, it is “THE WILL OF MAN” that is destroying this country.

How do we turn our heads walking down the street when we see a homeless person needing food or shelter – do you know their history and why they are in that position?

Our vets on the streets that are struggling,  they not only fought on the battlefield, but are also fighting their own demons and abuses. Did you serve?

Drug use is at an all time high with our children, why?

There are so many reasons for people to be in this situation, what we don’t realize, being so wrapped up in our own lives, is that this could very easily be us if we don’t carefully watch how we tread.

So what do we do?

What can we do and what will we do to unite this country? Every choice, every decision, has an outcome... every action has a reaction.

Make a conscious daily effort to make the right choices, not just for ourselves, but for the stranger sitting right next to you even if they might be a different race, religion, or creed- SO WHAT IF THEY ARE!!!!

Drop a pebble in the pond, it creates a ripple. Drop a rock, it could create a wave. Let's make a contagious wave of uniting, being kind, looking out for others as well as ourselves, our children, and our family; setting them up for a future they deserve

At USA EMINENT, it does not matter what religion, political preference, or color – IF YOU ARE AN AMERICAN, ME… YOU… WE ARE ALL RED, WHITE, AND BLUE..

What decision, what choice... what action will you take?

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